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As e-commerce businesses become popular, the need for fulfilment services is increasing. But, what exactly is a fulfilment service? Read below to find out, so that you can determine if this solution would help your business.

Definition of Fulfilment

In a business sense, the term fulfilment refers to receiving, packing and shipping orders. These activities, which form the basis of order fulfilment, are done by companies such as IMD Fulfilment. This type of provider operates on behalf of the original company’s owner, to ensure orders are fulfilled promptly as requested by customers.

Fulfilment services are often done for e-commerce businesses, although that is not always the case. In addition, fulfilment services provide a way for business owners to ensure their items are packaged, warehoused and distributed to end consumers accurately and in a timely manner.

Benefits of Using a Fulfilment Service

If you sell products to consumers and want to provide top-quality service to those buyers, using a full-service fulfilment company is a wise move. The provider stores your products in a secure warehouse, which is great when you don’t have room yourself to do so yourself, and picks items from the shelves there when they are ordered by customers. The service includes packing the products securely and then delivering them to shippers, to get promptly to your customers.

When you have a lot of orders, don’t have enough employees in-house tofill orders properly or do not personally have knowledge of the end-to-endorder process, then it’s usually best to outsource the task to a business that specialises in fulfilment services.

Full-Service Providers

While some providers specialise solely in the process of receiving, packing and shipping your products, there are other organisations that offer full-service treatment. This full service can include providing you with current inventory levels, automatic reordering of items before they go out of stock,credit card processing, call-centre services and more.

When these extra tasks are handled by a fulfilment company, it reduces your stress as a business owner and puts your customer service in excellent hands, provided you choose a dependable provider to work with. An example of a reliable, prompt organisation to use is IMD Fulfilment.

IMD offers affordable rates, is flexible to your needs and has been specialising in fulfilment services for over 25 years. It offers e-commerce integration with your online business, for easy tracking of your e-commerce orders in real time. To find out more about how the services will help your business, call or email IMD today