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If your company provides products (rather than services), you have likely considered at some point whether it is worth hiring a business to pick, pack and ship items to your customers for you. Here are useful tips for whether outsourcing the process is right for you.

What is Pick, Pack and Ship?

“Pick, pack and ship” is a process that is often used in the retail industry, for a large or small amount of stock. The products are selected from your inventory, put into boxes or other casing and shipped to customers based on order demands.

The process can be handled internally by your business, or you can outsource the tasks to capable providers such as IMD Fulfilment.

When to Hire a Business to Pick, Pack and Ship

In deciding whether to handle the tasks yourself or hire a company to provide the services for you, consider:

Are you able to efficiently find items as they are ordered by customers, making sure that inventory is always on hand? If not, you can put this task into the hands of the qualified fulfilment business you hire. Staff at the hired company get trained to organise products well and often use an electronic system to quickly access items. The fast operation means items get packed quickly to get to your customer within a reasonable timeframe.

Can you and your staff professionally pack items and ensure all items ordered are included? If you have noticed more than a few of your customers saying that they didn’t receive all of the products they ordered, your company may not be as good at fulfilling orders as you had thought. Don’t worry as IMD has an excellent reputation for its packing services and uses a modern, digital system that checks what gets packed against what has been ordered to provide superior accuracy.

Are there shipping issues? If your customers tell you that they aren’t getting their items in a timely manner or aren’t receiving them at all, that tells you that your current fulfilment system may not be an efficient one. When you choose a provider to manage the shipping process, ensure they deliver nationally or internationally, depending on where your customer base resides.

– Why not trust in a qualified fulfilment provider to ensure the product gets efficiently from the warehouse to your customer every time? Your customer service levels will improve, and you may even see the number of repeat customers increase. Contact us today find out how IMD Fulfilment’s pick, pack and ship services can help your business.