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Waiting for an important parcel without tracked delivery can be the source of much stress for consumers. For many of us it is a familiar situation – you have selected the ‘next day delivery’ option at the online checkout so you can receive your order that extra bit faster, and now you’re at home and anxiously waiting for it to arrive. Hours pass, but you are left waiting with no way of finding out how close the delivery van is, or if your order is even on its way at all.

In the digital age information is available instantaneously, so it pays to be able to provide your online customers with trackable fulfilment solutions. Consumers expect information on the location of their order to be easily and readily accessible. Merely acknowledging payment and dispatch is no longer enough. This is why we have brought our fulfilment centre capabilities in to line with an increasingly on-demand culture.

With warehouse technology advancing it is now possible to provide them with transparent real-time updates on exactly where the order is in the chain, whether it is still processing, being picked, or out for delivery. This is also vital piece of mind if the customer is not at home, so they can see if their package has been left with a neighbour, in a designated ‘safe place’ or returned to the depot.


A better order experience

Not all retailers provide customers with tracked delivery options, but those that do prove popular. Take, for example, fashion retailer and ecommerce giant ASOS – delivery options are clear, with standard, evening, next day and nominated day delivery all offering text or email notifications at the various stages of order fulfilment. An order ID also allows customers to track their package online throughout the process, helping to ease anxiety and make them feel more in control. End customers of our clients have access to View Port, a specially desined order tracking hub. Retailers such as Hobbs and Kiddicare.com even offer notifications via SMS that allow customers to rearrange delivery if the scheduled slot is not convenient for them.

Streamlined customer support

Delivery tracking can also help relieve strain on your customer service teams and improve efficiency, as the need for customers to enquire for updates on their orders is significantly reduced. Where your team does need to find out the status of an order, real-time updates via the James and James Fulfilment Control Port dashboard means there is no relying on databases hours out of date, and no need to keep the customer waiting for an answer.

Improved customer loyalty

The main benefit of using trackable fulfilment solutions is a much smoother, more streamlined customer experience overall. Providing this additional communication and support positions you as an honest retailer that values its customers beyond the moment a transaction is made. With online reviews and ratings now a key deciding factor in customer confidence – 55% of shoppers find reviews important for making purchase decisions – it’s clear that trackable fulfilment solutions are now more vital than ever.