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In your e-commerce business, it’s important to provide excellent customer service that drives repeat sales and boosts your online reputation. As your contact centre gets inbound calls and places outbound ones, it’s important to know the ins and outs of how to communicate correctly to get these significant benefits. Plus, if you’re unable to provide the services in-housethen you benefit from using reliable IMD Fulfilment, a fulfilment company that offers additional services such as call taking and answering, Storage and Distribution.

Tips for Outbound Calls

When your staff phone customers or place outbound calls, it may be to increase sales or get customer feedback on purchased products. To get the best return on your money, hire employees who are highly motivated. If you find their motivation waning, you can offer small monetary bonuses to them for reaching sales goals.

In addition, ensure your contact centre staff understand the process between making call-backs or other calls, so that they carry out the dialogue confidently. Also, if your target population is mainly older people then increase the telephone volume to accommodate their hearing issues.

Customer Service for Inbound Calls

For inbound calls, in which customers phone your business to ask a question or get a service issue resolved, it’s vital that your contact centre staff understand the products offered and how to transfer calls if necessary. As a business usually receives several more inbound than outbound calls in a day, it’s crucial that call takers are confident and professional in the way they speak. They also must work efficiently so that customers are not kept on hold for long periods of time, which typically leaves those callers feeling frustrated.

An Alternative: Outsource the Calls

If you feel your in-house contact centreis not doing an adequate job handling outbound and inbound calls, you can outsource the task to a call centre or a Fulfilment Company that offers the service. When you do so, you get expert agents who are well-trained in answering and placing calls.

At IMD Fulfilment, for example, we offer the service in addition to our top-rated Fulfilment Services for E-Commerce Businesses. Our agents professionally handle both types of calls, as well as credit card processing, as an additional high-value service that complements our fulfilment, Storage and Distribution Services.

At IMD, we have a high rate of inbound call resolution on the first phone call and provide top-quality customer service. We also offer you easy-to-understand data on what happens during the phone dialogues, including stats on call length and number of people who called within a particular time. The reports are customized to your business.

Excellent customer service goes far for a business, helping improve its sales and increasing consumer satisfaction levels. Use the above tips for inbound and outbound calls to increase buyer satisfaction or outsource the task within a bundle of E-Fulfilment Tasks offered by companies such as IMD Fulfilment.