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For your business, regardless of the industry it is in, there are benefits to using a distribution service through a reputable company. Advantages include efficient processing by the distribution centers, which in turn helps to keep customer satisfaction high.

Tap into Expertise

When you hire a distribution service to receive, sort and ship your products, you are essentially hiring their expertise in completing these tasks. While you likely know your company’s products better than anyone else, you may not be up to date on the best ways to distribute items to your clients.

By using a quality distributor, such as IMD Fulfilment, you gain the benefits of knowledge and understanding of the processes. IMD is an expert in its industry, with over 25 years of experience in the distribution business. IMD receives and ships your items efficiently and professionally, time and time again.

Keep Customers Satisfied

In addition, using a professional distribution service helps to keep your customers satisfied. For example, a distributor can manage stock for you, sort it and distribute it in an organized way. With this organization in place, there is less risk of the customer receiving the wrong package, delays in shipment or not receiving the parcel at all.

Remember, satisfied customers are more likely to buy from you multiple times, preferring your efficient service over a competitor. By working with a professional distributor, you have a great opportunity to have your business run smoothly and make your customers a top priority.

See what is in Stock

Another benefit occurs when you use a distributor that provides e-commerce integration with leading sales platforms. This type of software enables you to see stock levels and other important data. The software at IMD Fulfilment, for example, lets you see right away how much stock you have left in the system, as well as which sales channel is working the best for each of your company’s products (based on a sales analysis report of individual product sales).

With this data, you can begin to analyze which products to sell at which platforms and know when to replenish stock levels. As a result, your company stays organized, and you have the opportunity for increasing sales.

There are many benefits to using a reputable distribution service, such as IMD Fulfilment. Beginning to use IMD services is easy; simply phone or email today  to find out more about how we can help you.