Reducing postage & packaging costs

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For small items, Royal Mail undoubtedly offer the best postage costs.While they get a lot of bad press (and have a few archaic quirks) they actually provide one of the cheapest and most reliable postal services in Europe.For larger items it’s generally cheaper to use a courier service such as ParcelForce or DHL. If you [...]

6 simple strategies to create more repeat customers

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Returning customers are the holy grail when it comes to eCommerce. They often spend more, buy frequently and have the potential to become loyal advocates for your brand. For some online retailers, increasing customer retention rates by as little as 5% could lead to a 25-95% increase in profits. So how do you ensure that [...]

How successful eCommerce businesses cope with (and reduce) returns

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As much as returns are an inevitable by-product of eCommerce, they are also a source of tension and confusion for many online retailers. Just as poor execution during the initial fulfilment of an order can damage your business, a badly handled returns process can have a sizeable impact on customer satisfaction, repeat business and brand [...]

Why Customers Love Tracked Fulfilment

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Waiting for an important parcel without tracked delivery can be the source of much stress for consumers. For many of us it is a familiar situation – you have selected the ‘next day delivery’ option at the online checkout so you can receive your order that extra bit faster, and now you’re at home and [...]

Update! New E-Commerce and Courier Fulfilment Integrations at IMD

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Your company’s order fulfilment needs are important to us, and that is why we have expanded our e-commerce and courier integrations at IMD Fulfilment. Now it is easier than ever to streamline the fulfilment process for your new or established business. New E-Commerce Solutions For your online business, IMD now offers integration with Channel Advisor, [...]

What is a Fulfilment Service?

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As e-commerce businesses become popular, the need for fulfilment services is increasing. But, what exactly is a fulfilment service? Read below to find out, so that you can determine if this solution would help your business. Definition of Fulfilment In a business sense, the term fulfilment refers to receiving, packing and shipping orders. These activities, [...]

Customer Service 101: Are You Handling Inbound and Outbound Calls Correctly?

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In your e-commerce business, it’s important to provide excellent customer service that drives repeat sales and boosts your online reputation. As your contact centre gets inbound calls and places outbound ones, it’s important to know the ins and outs of how to communicate correctly to get these significant benefits. Plus, if you’re unable to provide [...]

Pick, Pack and Ship Process: Is it Worth Hiring a Business to Do It for You?

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If your company provides products (rather than services), you have likely considered at some point whether it is worth hiring a business to pick, pack and ship items to your customers for you. Here are useful tips for whether outsourcing the process is right for you. What is Pick, Pack and Ship? “Pick, pack and [...]

Is A Stock Management System Right For Your Business?

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A stock management system may be just what your business needs to run more efficiently and provide the highest customer service satisfaction possible. Also called an inventory management system, it helps with both the management and location of products. Find out if using this type of structure is right for your business by asking the [...]

The Benefits of Using a Distribution Service

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For your business, regardless of the industry it is in, there are benefits to using a distribution service through a reputable company. Advantages include efficient processing by the distribution centers, which in turn helps to keep customer satisfaction high. Tap into Expertise When you hire a distribution service to receive, sort and ship your products, [...]